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Our School


There were two Dr. Gustavus Richard Browns - father and son. The elder Dr. Brown was born in Scotland and came to Maryland in 1708. He worked as a physician in the Nanjemoy area of Charles County. He was also a judge.

His son, the more famous Dr. Brown, after whom the school was named, was born in Charles County on October 17, 1747. He, too, was a physician, who practiced across southern Maryland and Virginia. Like his father, he too was a judge. Dr. Brown was called to the bedside of President George Washington during his last illness.

Dr. Gustavus Richard Brown, Jr. was known to be a skillful gardener. He is also described as a scholar, a wise philosopher, a patriotic citizen, a generous friend, an elegant gentleman, and a hospitable neighbor.

It is recounted that he apologized for his mistakes, and was a calming influence on others.

Mission Statement

Our charge at Dr. Brown is to partner with the community to create a safe, respectful, environment that meets the needs of diverse learners by utilizing best practices to deliver a quality, challenging education, that inspires children to be productive members of society, and lifelong learners. 

Vision Statement

Dr. Brown Elementary School's vision is to create, foster, and maintain an environment where teachers, staff, parents, and the community are empowered and work together to help children achieve academic, social, and emotional success and to focus on closing the gaps in academic, social, and emotional achievement. Our charge is to do this in a welcoming, respectful and inclusive manner where high expectations are the norm for all.


We, the students, parents, and staff of Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School believe that the following statements reflect our views of what the school should provide for each child and the community. Our main objective is to provide a framework in which every child can develop to his or her fullest potential. To achieve this goal, we believe that:

  • The school should treat the child as an individual an promote learning in a relaxed but organized atmosphere.
  • The school should stress the basic skills of Reading, Writing, and Math while promoting individual creativity and the desire to learn.
  • There should be open communication, cooperation, and a display of mutual respect among students, teachers, parents, and administrators.